Igniting a Movement of Awakened Parents by Shedding Light in a World Gone Dim


Truth is, culture ain’t what it used to be…

Gone are the days of kids riding their bikes all over town, yelling, “Car!” as the kickball game comes to a screeching halt and watching a TV show with an afterschool snack that didn’t promote a sexual agenda.  WE’VE HAD ENOUGH…how about you?

After a decade of starting and running schools, years of running a mom’s ministry and launching three children between, it’s time to shed light on a world that seems to be dimming.  

Here’s the bottom line: we’re not without Hope. There’s nothing new under the sun! In the beginning the Holy Spirit hovered over darkness and there was chaos until God spoke. His Word STILL has creative power to calm the cultural chaos and light our path with Truth! 

Jesus IS our Light, Life and Living Hope, so how do we as parents and leaders discern between light and darkness?

That’s what we are here to do: to educate, equip and empower parents by shedding light on current culture through a Biblical worldview. 

Children will either shape culture or be shaped by it. If we do not understand culture, we cannot fully know our children. If we do not want our children to be shaped BY culture, then we must understand what is happening IN culture.  We must also have the discernment to train them to choose light over darkness, life over death. So let's learn together

As parents, we know that:

  • Our culture needs strong leaders

  • God’s design for the family is discipleship

  • Discipleship IS leadership training    

  • It Is imperative we understand our God-given position of leadership, authority and responsibility to lead the next generation of leader

The principles behind Beacon Parent begin with the family AND reach far beyond, into all realms of leadership. We are passionate about faith, family, freedom and the future!  



To ignite a movement
of awakened parents
living a well-lit life
in a world growing dim


To educate, equip and empower parents by shedding light on current culture through
a Biblical worldview

core values

  • Faith
  • Freedom
  • Family
  • Future


There are seven channels that influence culture:
  • Family
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Government
  • Media, Arts / Entertainment
  • Business

Many of these channels lack light and truth.

Beacon Parent was created with this aim, to create a community of awakened parents intent on re-establishing God's design for the family. 



Darkness is not created, it is simply an absence of LIGHT.


What do we know to be true? We KNOW The Source of Light, Jesus!

We KNOW He IS Light, it’s His name. We KNOW He will shed light on areas of darkness SO THAT we might see light, become light and live light! 

This is our aim and we invite you on the journey to learn how to live and lead as a Beacon Parent!


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